April 25, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Production Café is a full service film and video company with office in Detroit and Chicago. We recently were retained by Little Caesars Enterprises to produce a series of television spots. The creative on one of the spots required a space suit.

We searched high and low and finally came across Moon Space Suits. They far exceeded our expectations. The suit that we rented from them was totally accurate down to the smallest details.

In addition the owner/manager, Dr. Robert Kulacz delivered services that went beyond what we construe as the normal supplier/user relationship. From the moment we made contact with the firm, “Bob” let us know all of the particulars regarding his suit.

We received the suit two days before the shoot. The space suit is with all its detail is very complex. Bob called to instruct us how the suit was to be worn and how to connect all of the hoses, gloves, boots, etc. On top of this service acumen Bob was “on call” for the rest of our rental.

There is no question that the next time we have to go into outer space; Moon Space Suits will be our supplier of choice. If you want additional information regarding moonspacesuits.com please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ron Herman
Executive Producer


RE: moonsopacesuits.com / referral letter

Dear Whomever it may concern:

Atlas Media is a production company specializing in documentary, docu-drama, and reality programming for networks such as the The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, A&E, WE: Women’s Entertainment, The Food Network, National Geographic Channel, etc.

Atlas Media Corp recently used moonspacesuits.com for our production of SIX DEGREES OF FRANCIS BACON, a one-hour special for The History Channel. One of Robert Kulacz’s beautiful replica spacesuits was used as a free-standing prop for our host wrap shoot. The spacesuit was not only an exact replica of that found on the Hubble repair mission (Bob made sure he specially-attached the proper NASA patch to lend even more authenticity!), but the suit created the drama and that extra WOW! we had all hoped for on set. The shoot turned out better than we all could have imagined, due in part to Bob’s services.

In addition, Bob was there with prompt deliver, set up/break down, on-set help, even took extra pictures for us, all for a very reasonable price! His presence on set proved more than useful as his knowledgeable, helpful manner even helped correct a factual error in our script re: space travel!

It was nothing short of a pleasure to work with www.moonspacesuits.com.

-Sarah Lybrand
Atlas Media Corp.


May 30, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Launchpad Spacecraft was created to provide museum quality spacecraft replicas for serious collectors. The finest detail and added special effects make the Launchpad Spacecraft merchandise the mind “a fire to be lighted.”

As a personal collector, I was excited to receive a Mercury Space Helmet as well as the Apollo Bubble Helmet from Moon Space Suits. I chose Moon Space Suits because of the keen attention to detail and authentic features displayed on their highly accurate replica helmets. In fact all of their products were highly accurate replicas of the original space suits, space helmets, flight suits assorted spacesuit hardware and apparel. This is something that I can appreciate since high quality and accuracy is the same is the goal that I have for my company, Launchpad Spacecraft

I first met Dr. Robert Kulacz, owner of Moon Space Suits, in New Jersey at the Astronaut Convention last year. He enticed me to pursue my passion in life, the space program. I finally met someone in Dr. Kulacz who matched my enthusiasm/obsession, which I considered impossible. He assisted me in fabricating the plans for an eight-foot Redstone Rocket with additional enhancements. Bob was extremely beneficial to my company’s birth and I am forever grateful to him. He is both professional and a gentleman with unmatched honesty and integrity often missing in the world today.

I would not hesitate to recommend Moon Space Suits to anyone in need of accurate spacesuit replicas. I intend to continue to use Moon Space Suits in the future for continuing my collection as well as for professional use.

Jeff Teel
Launchpad Spacecraft
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